Resilient and efficient energy to a vital, world-renowned institution.


Resilient and efficient energy to a vital, world-renowned institution.


Integrating reliability and affordability

For the Texas Medical Center, maintaining reliability across its 1,345-acre campus was as crucial as reducing electricity costs. Our experts devised a winning plan to accomplish both.


The advantages of partnering together

TMC benefits from leveraging the combined purchasing power of its campus.

By aggregating the Texas Medical Center, Houston Hospice, and Houston Academy of Medicine energy load, we presented TMC with a financially-beneficial, fixed-price contract that fulfills their energy needs.

With a fixed-price plan, we were able to provide the maximum cost reductions for TMC with resources that were unique to their solution offering. TMC’s fixed-price plan provides budget certainty, flexible contract terms, and safeguards against fluctuations in energy pricing.

“Our solution for Texas Medical Center is unique. But it follows a proven approach: get to know their business, goals, and needs — then leverage our expertise. For TMC, that meant a cost-effective energy plan for their entire campus that didn’t compromise reliability.”

Amanda Kadell Encina Plant Operations Manager

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