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Advance ToDoList in AngularJS

Advance ToDo List in AngularJS, Best example for learning purpose include services, multi-controller, routing and getting data from JSON file

ToDo List is a simple AngularJS based single page application. The purpose is learning Angularjs; This Application has a simple architecture which includes most of the features of Angularjs. This is the best start if you are familiar with javascript or jquery


Codeigniter Activity Log Library

Activity Log is a Codeigniter library used to record activity on a website and to fetch the results for reporting purposes.

  • Is easy to Use
  • Simple syntax for adding and fetching records
  • Standalone library for use on any kind of website



Codeigniter Library for Notification System between users.

This application allows your site's users to receive push notifications from you. Send custom notification content, target specific users, and send automatically based on triggers.


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